Workplace ESL


The ESLC offers two English for specific purposes programs: Job Readiness and Workplace English. Both programs are mentioned below.


The ESLC Job Readiness Program is for people with limited English proficiency who are preparing to enter the workforce or want to become more familiar with U.S. work culture. Potential students should be able to understand frequently used English words in context and when spoken slowly. Students should be able to recognize, read, and write numbers and letters in English. They should also be able write basic personal information such as name, address, and phone number.

These classes will help to familiarize students with American work culture and expectations via ESL instruction. We will guide students through the process of considering job skills and abilities and setting goals, to applying, interviewing, acquiring, and keeping a job. Our goal is to help students to be ready to work by the end of the course. Please refer students who are serious about trying to get a job in the US and who will be able to attend ten hours a week for six weeks.

Census data shows a positive relation between immigrant earnings and English language ability. Many immigrant employees understand the importance of improving their English skills, yet barriers such as time, transportation, and childcare keep many from attending classes. Offering ESL classes on the job is a way to provide instruction to those who have difficulty accessing ESL classes outside of work. Learning English in the context of work can improve work skills while improving language skills.

The Workplace English program contracts with companies to provide ESL classes taught by professional teachers who develop a specialized curriculum for the company and at the company's worksite. The class curriculum is developed based on feedback from the company, the students, and their supervisors. Students of Workplace English classes say that the classes help them to better communicate with their supervisors and co-workers, follow instructions, understand safety guidelines, and improve their personal lives. Companies that contract with the ESLC to provide classes to their employees find that the classes build the employees' confidence, increase workplace safety and productivity, and create a more collaborative, positive working environment.




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