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Why Volunteer With the ESLC?January 2013

For the reason that you can make a remarkable difference in someone’s life by giving them the language skills to succeed in the United States and in their local community.

How to Become a Volunteer:

Volunteers are the vehicle through which our organization delivers our service and are our most valuable asset. We provide volunteer trainings for all of our volunteers, which are held several times throughout the year. Our trainings teach new volunteers how to instruct and interact with adults from different cultures who have little or no English skills.

After attending our training, we ask our volunteers to commit to a minimum of 100 volunteer hours. These volunteer hours include lesson plan preparation, travel, and teaching time. This requirements means that  volunteers give 5 hours per week for 6 months.

Volunteer Training dates:

* It should be noted that ALL sessions in a training are required to successfully complete the training.  Dates and times are subject to change.

August Training 5-8 pm
Session 1: Tuesday 5
Session 2: Thursday 7 
Session 3: Tuesday 12 
Session 4: Thursday 14  

October Training 9-3:30 pm

Session 1: Saturday 18
Session 2: Saturday 18
Session 3: Saturday 25
Session 4: Saturday 25

November Training 5-8 pm

Session 1: Tuesday 11
Session 2: Thursday 13
Session 3: Tuesday 18
Session 4: Thursday 20

All sessions will be held at our Center, 4444 South 700 East, suite 100. If you need to miss a session please let us know and we work with you to make it up at another time. Also, there is a one-time $50 fee for training and classroom materials along with a necessary background check for our volunteers.

Getting going:

If you would like to sign up for a training please contact Beth Garstka at 801-328-5608 or at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thank you for your your interest!

Right of Refusal Statement
To promote a safe, constructive learning environment for its students, volunteers, and staff, the English Skills Learning Center reserves its Right to Refuse participation by any individual in any service or activity that - in its sole discretion – is regarded as posing an unreasonable risk to its mission, goals, or reputation for programming excellence. Your application to participate in any program or activity constitutes your acknowledgement of the Center’s ability to exercise this right at will. While no screening practice is guaranteed, the Center makes its determinations on a best efforts basis and appreciates your understanding of any decisions made in applying this Right of Refusal.




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Here’s what some of our tutors have said about volunteering:

I recently moved to Abu Dhabi where I teach swimming and cannot begin to express my gratitude to ESLC's training program. I find myself using the techniques I was taught to use while teaching in the Empowering Parents program everyday here! A special thanks to Sarah and all her help and aid while I volunteered with ESLC. I learned more than I could e dreamed of and am using my skills everyday while working abroad. Many thanks! – Cassie

"I’ve absolutely loved getting to know someone from another culture! I tutor people from Burundi, Africa. Even though we don’t communicate in the same language, we have managed to communicate through other means. It is amazing to get to know someone’s personality without speaking the same language. I’ve been learning their language and they’ve been learning English! We have such a great time together…The ESL Center has been incredibly supportive in every way. They have provided me with materials, advice when I needed it and have responded to all my questions when asked." –Kelly 

"It’s hard to tell a story that exemplifies my experience of teaching English at the Humanitarian Center. With the wide variety of people that I’ve met, built relationships with, and cooperated with at the Humanitarian Center there is no “typical example” to say “here, this is what it’s like.” Some days I may walk away with the greatest feeling in the world having spent class time laughing and talking with my students. However, other days may be the lowest you’ve ever felt when you have a student that’s struggling or has finished the program. All I can say is, since I began teaching English for ESLC I’ve noticed a trend. For every bad/sad moment I will have at least two great moments." - Jeff

“Volunteering with ESLC is one of the coolest things I've ever done in my life.” - Tony 

“I started the training thinking tutoring would be a cinch and I didn’t see the need for 12 hours of training.  I left the first session suddenly feeling very overwhelmed but now, I feel quite empowered.” -incoming volunteer