adult emergent readers Draft

An adult emergent reader is someone learning to read and write for the first time in their lives in a new language and may have little or no formal education. To better serve learners developing foundational literacy skills, the English Skills Learning Center has partnered with community organizations to provide free classes. Learners will receive targeted phonics instruction alongside the English communication skills to navigate everyday tasks from visiting the doctor to speaking to a cashier. 


Adults learning English and to read and write for the first time.


Classes are in South Salt Lake, Millcreek, Murray, West Valley, and Midvale.

How Much

Classes are free for learners.


Learn phonics, the alphabet, and English for success in community life.


Classes are two times a week for 2 hours. There are morning and evening classes.

How to Enroll

Register **Here*** and someone from our office will call you. If you have more questions please call us at 801-328-5608

Name, Title

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