Catherine Barnhart 

Executive Director​

Avid fly-fisher of the catch & release philosophy

Speaks: French & Hebrew (both terribly)

Robert Simbe 

Citizenship Coordinator

Loves gospel music

Speaks: Sudanese Arabic, Kakwa, & some Swahili


Janae Butterfield

Life Skills Program Coordinator

Laura Thomas 

DI English Program Coordinator 

Doesn't get the hiccups

Speaks: Portuguese & paltry Spanish


Margo Robins

DI & JR Substitute Instructor

Likes to make up her own words and loves all things NUMMY

Speaks:  Korean like a 3 year old. Used to be 3rd grader, but it's been 30 years!

Katie Donoviel 

Associate Director

Hula hoop dances for fun

Speaks: Spanish like a 3 year old and can say "hello" in many languages


Hedy Miller 

Citizenship Instructor

Bench presses for a hobby

Speaks: German like a 7 year old


Jennifer Dardis

Life Skills Program Assistant

Deborah Dilley

Financial Manager 


Jessica Hercules 

Humanitarian Center Coordinator

Coaches women's lacrosse

Speaks: French & can count to 10 in six other languages


Marquet Call

Empowering Parents Coordinator

Job Readiness Coordinator

Tess Sullivan

DI English Program Assistant

Plays the banjo, ukulele, and banjolele

Speaks: French and some Spanish


Rachel Blackmer

DI English Instructor 

Has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do

Speaks: French and some Spanish.

Emily Gay

JR Instructor

Elena Orrego

Job Readiness Instructor

Loves gardening

Speaks: Spanish and is learning Quechua and French


Sally Al Khaleel


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