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Workplace English

The Workplace English Program collaborates with employers to offer job-specific English language training to employees. Professional language teachers provide tailored instruction at the job site to meet the needs of employers and employees alike.  

Employers gain a workforce that is better able to understand and use the language necessary to do their jobs safely and successfully. Employee retention and employer/employee communication are improved. Additionally, the English program leads to an enhanced sense of community at work.


Employees gain the language skills and the confidence they need to do their jobs more proficiently, enjoy smoother communication with their colleagues, and advance in their careers. Above all, employees have increased job satisfaction and ability to access community and educational resources.



Employers who want to offer job-specific English language training to employees.


On-site, but remote instruction is available if needed.

How Much

Fees are determined by the specific needs of each organization.


Curriculum custom-made to meet the specific language training needs of each workplace, including standardized pre- and post-testing.


Days and times customized for each work site.

How to Get More Information

Fill out the interest form below.

Current Workplace English Program Partners

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