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د انګلیسي ژبې د مهارتونو د زده کړې مرکز ټولو هغو کسانو ته چې علاقه لري او وړ کسان دي د تابعیت وړیا ټولګي وړاندې کوي.په ټولګي کې 95٪ خلک په لومړۍ هڅه کې ازموینه پاس کوي او 98٪ په دویمه هڅه کې بریالي کیږي. ESLC د   US څخه د مرستې ترلاسه کونکی دی. د تابعیت او کډوالۍ خدمتونه (USCIS) کوم چې ټولګیو ته وړیا اجازه ورکوي. 



Permanent residents who have been in the USA for 5 years, or 3 years through marriage, and have basic English conversational, reading, and writing skills.


Classes are in different cities such as Salt Lake City, West Valley, and South Jordan.

How Much

Citizenship classes are free. 


Prepare for the citizenship interview, which includes questions on United States History, writing, and reading.  


Classes are two times a week for 2.5 hours for 11 weeks. There are morning or evening classes. Classes can be repeated. 

How to Enroll

Click the button below

or call us at 801-328-5608.

Is the Citizenship Program right for you?


Are you 18 years old or older?


Have you had a green card for five or more years or have you been married to a U.S. citizen for three or more years?

in English class

Can you understand, speak, read, and write basic English?

in English class

Have you submitted the Application for Naturalization form N400?

Call Utah Immigration Collective for help.

801- 382-9027

in an ESLC class!


بیټریس - د بالغ بیړني لوستونکي برنامې زده کونکی

"زه د دې ټولګي په لرلو ډېر خوښ يم. زياتې زده کړې کوم. پخوا هېڅکله ښوونځي ته نه تلم. اوس له خپلو ماشومانو سره په کور کې د لوستلو تمرین کوم."

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