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Literacy Legacy Fundraising Campaign

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۹۱٪برنامه کول
۱٪ فنډ راټولول

The success of ESLC programs has been recognized in the community, making classes in high demand. For the first time in years, we have a waiting list. 


This year, the ESLC is experiencing unprecedented growth, and we want to be transparent about our challenges. A significant increase in New Americans arriving in Utah, coupled with the launch of new (and exciting!) federal programs, has put a strain on our resources. 

The Literacy Legacy Fundraising Campaign is an ambitious initiative to raise $50,000 before the end of the school year in June. This campaign will help us continue our vital work in the community and also assist with expenses related to our upcoming office relocation, ensuring we can continue impacting the community for years to come.


We ask everyone to consider building upon their own “literacy legacy” by making a contribution and sharing this campaign with others who may be interested in investing in the work of connecting communities through language learning!

د هر ډالر 91 سینټ چې موږ یې مصرف کوو مستقیم په سالټ لیک کاونټي کې د لوی انګلیسي ژبې زده کونکو لپاره د وړیا انګلیسي او تابعیت ټولګیو چمتو کولو ته ځي!

مرستې خوندي دي او د مالیې مجرايي وړ دي.

د چک له لارې د ورکولو لپاره، بریښنالیک ته واستوئ

د انګلیسي ژبې د زده کړې مرکز

650 E 4500 S، سویټ 220 

د سالټ لیک ښار، UT 84107

د مرستې لپاره د نورو لارو په لټه کې یاست؟

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