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Since 1988, the English Skills Learning Center has been fulfilling its mission of integrating and strengthening communities by breaking language and cultural barriers.  Each year, we bring together an average of 800 adult English language learners, from more than 86 different countries, with over 120 trained and mentored community volunteers. English language classes are held in libraries, schools, community centers, apartment buildings, and workplaces.


Through the support of partners, we are able to offer classes in locations that are familiar and accessible to adult language learners, who may have limited transportation.


Our vision is a community where all voices are celebrated!


In 2019, PIAAC data suggests that 16% of Salt Lake County residents are at or below a Level 1 in literacy and 25% in numeracy.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The English Skills Learning Center integrates and strengthens communities by breaking language and cultural barriers.  

Our Vision

A community where all voices are celebrated.

Invest in a strong community today!

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