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ESLC Staff

Hula hoop dances for fun.

Speaks: Spanish like a 3 year old and can say "hello" in many languages

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Katie Donoviel
Executive Director

(801) 328-5608 Ext. 103

Amber Courtright

Associate Director

Takes ballet classes.

Speaks: French

Coaches women's lacrosse.

Speaks: French & can count to 10 in six other languages


Jessica Hercules 
Community Engagement Director

(801) 328-5608 Ext.102

Community Engagement Director

Loves gospel music


Speaks: Sudanese Arabic, Kakwa, & some Swahili


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Robert Simbe 
Outcomes Director

(801) 328-5608 Ext.101

(801) 328-5608 Ext. 105

Deborah Dilley
Administrative Operations Director


(801) 328-5608 Ext. 106

Maddie Townsend
Adult Emergent Reader Program Coordinator

Loves eating snacks and making art

Speaks: Dutch fluently and rudimentary Mandarin, French, and Spanish.

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Details coming soon!

This could be you!
Citizenship Program Coordinator
This could be you!
Citizenship Program Coordinator

Bench presses for a hobby


Speaks: German like a 7 year old


Citizenship Instructor
Hedy Miller

(801) 328-5608 Ext. 109

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(801) 328-5608 Ext.110

Zachary Brown
English Work and Wellness Program Manager

(801) 328-5608 Ext. 108

Marquet Call
Empowering Parents Coordinator
Natalie Diaz
Parents Engaged in Everyday Reading Program Assistant

(801) 328-5608 Ext. 107

Janae Butterfield
Life Skills Program Coordinator

Geneva Lawrence
Workplace English Program Coordinator


(801) 328-5608 Ext. 112

Amy Head Shot 2.jpg
Amy O'Connor
Job Readiness Program Coordinator

(801) 328-5608 Ext. 113

Avid fly-fisher of the catch & release philosophy

Speaks: French & Hebrew (both terribly)

Catherine Barnhart 
Executive Director Emeritus
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