In the Citizenship Program, students learn the English skills and civics knowledge needed to pass the U.S. Naturalization Interview. We hope that our students will acquire U.S. Citizenship and become involved in the community by voting and contacting their representatives.

Life Skills 

Students in the Life Skills Program typically have lower English and literacy skills. This program is designed to teach them "survival" English; how to read grocery ads, visit a doctor, or make friends with English speakers. We hope our students adapt to life in their new home.

Empowering Parents

The Empowering Parents Program is designed to get immigrant and refugee parents involved in their children's education - from understanding a report card to reading with their children. We hope our students engage with their children's education, teachers, and PTA.

Job Readiness ​

Job Readiness classes give students the skills to acquire, maintain, and improve employment. Students learn how to search for a job, fill out a resume, interview, and engage with coworkers and supervisors. We hope that our students will seek out better employment opportunities.

Humanitarian Center

The Humanitarian Center is an independent work-training program for refugees run by the LDS Church. The ESLC offers several different classes for refugees at the HC. We hope that students will learn the English skills necessary to succeed in their new community.


Through our Workplace English Program, we partner with local businesses to ensure immigrant and refugee employees have the English skills necessary to work safely and efficiently. We hope that our students will have better relationships with their coworkers and bosses, and reduce the risk of workplace injury.

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