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Life Skills

The Life Skills Program focuses on everyday, routine English. Learners in these classes develop the communication skills necessary to function and thrive in their day-to-day lives. Topics include shopping at the store, visiting the doctor, renting an apartment, and more!

There are two pathways within the Life Skills Program. Foundations focuses on gaining literacy skills. Culture and Conversation uses reading about modern day topics as a way to enhance speaking skills. 

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Beginning learners will study in Foundations. Intermediate learners will study in Culture and Conversation. 


Classes are held in various locations around Salt Lake County. 

How Much

Classes are free for learners.


English to live in an English=speaking community. 


Classes are held in the morning and evenings. 

How to Enroll

Click the button below

or call us at 801-328-5608.


Pablo - Life Skills Program Student

"I like English class because the teachers are good, they have patience. Their teachers helps us understand and give examples and help."

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