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Foodie Feature: Tamarind - Vietnamese & Phở Kitchen

Type: Vietnamese

Location: 120 S Main Street

Salt Lake City, UT 84101

In the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, Tamarind is bringing authentic Vietnamese food to everyone. This modern and artsy restaurant is packing dishes full of flavor. The decor and soft, funky music made this the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon.

Tamarind has a self-service order station using tablets, which is perfect for people (like me!) who want ample time to explore the menu and order independently.

I started off my meal with a small cup of vegetarian pho broth, which delightfully brought warmth all the way to my bones on a chilly day.

Shrimp spring rolls were stuffed to the brim with fresh shrimp, vermicelli noodles, romaine, cucumber, mint, and carrots. The peanut sauce that came with these is something I will be dreaming of for many months to come! While the broth and spring rolls could have been a full meal, Tamarind has a variety of "build your own bowl" options that I had to try. The Chicken Curry Tamarind Bowl was an explosion of flavors, striking the perfect balance of rice, toppings, and new-to-me flavor profiles along the way. Just watch out for the jalapeños, if you aren't used to the heat! Leaving with leftovers allowed me to experience the magic all over again the following day, which is always a bonus.

Unfortunately, I didn't have room for dessert, so next on my to-do list is planning a time to go back to order the beignet bites!

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