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January 2024 Student of the Month - Hawo

Hawo is pictured holding a certicate. She is standing next to her teacher.
Hawo pictured with her instructor Julia

As a learner in the Adult Emergent Reader Program, Hawo is consistent, determined, and excited to develop her reading and writing skills, and has even made two level gains in her six months in class...a huge accomplishment!

Hawo exemplifies two-way mutual integration. She brings an eagerness to class and is a warm and friendly person who works to make sure new students and teachers feel comfortable in class. She is happy to share her experiences and knowledge with others, from showing other students how to download and use an app she finds helpful to advocating for classroom peers when she can tell they need extra support. Hawo is a builder, and works hard to grow her own skills and support others wherever they may be.

Congratulations, Hawo!

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