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Launching our new Quarterly Newsletter "Print Awareness"!

A big hello to all of the friends of the English Skills Learning Center! We know it’s been awhile, and we are so excited to be relaunching our quarterly newsletter. We recognize, now more than ever, the importance of staying connected and sharing all of the wonderful news, activities, and events taking place at the English Skills Learning Center (ESLC). With this relaunch, we are introducing a new name for the newsletter as well: Print Awareness. Now, if you are familiar with foundational literacy skills, you might immediately understand the witty nature of this title. If not, that’s okay. Despite being told multiple times that if I have to explain it, then it’s not very clever, I still want to take the time to explain this one to you! We are an educational institution, after all.

Earlier this week when I was going through the bedtime routine with my soon-to-be two year old, she grabbed a book, opened the first page, pointed to the words, and asked kindly, “Mama, please?”

After I took a minute to recover from my heart exploding, I realized, SHE POINTED TO THE WORDS. She has never pointed to the words before. This was new.