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FY 20-21 Annual Report

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Dear Friends of the ESLC, The English Skills Learning Center’s Outstanding Learner of Year, Maria Chino, was able to increase three English proficiency levels in just two short years through hard work and consistent attendance. Her story is just one example of the dedication and commitment made by individuals engaged in ESLC programming.

Maxo, who has a PhD in Mathematical Pedagogy from Venezuela, recently gained the confidence and language skills to give a presentation in his English class. After taking classes with the English Skills Learning Center, he was able to enroll in higher level courses at Salt Lake Community College in order to continue pursuing his dreams.

Perusi faced adversity making her way to the United States from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite these challenges, she isn’t afraid to face obstacles and can laugh at her mistakes, which are skills necessary to learn a new language. Perusi not only works hard for herself, but she seeks to build a caring and supportive community.

I could continue sharing success stories, but the last story from this year that I want to highlight is YOURS! Your contribution and partnership has made it possible for us to help students experience the success highlighted in the stories above. Your support is deeply appreciated among the ESLC’s Board, staff, volunteers, and students.