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January 2024 Volunteer of the Month - Susie Angerbauer

Updated: Jan 29

We are excited to present January's Volunteer of the Month Award to Susie Angerbauer! Susie started volunteering with the ESLC in 2022 and is a classroom assistant in the Adult Emergent Readers Program.

Image shows volunteer Susie with ESLC staff member, Maddie Townsend
Susie pictured with Program Coordinator Maddie

Susie has shown flexibility, tenacity, and creativity in her role as a volunteer English teacher. Through the last two years she has grown alongside her class as they work together to develop new skills and build confidence in themselves. Susie has worked hard to make the classroom a welcoming and safe place for everyone, and exemplifies the Warm Demander teaching style.

Thank you, Susie, for your dedication to your class and to the mission and vision of the English Skills Learning Center.

Are you interested in volunteering with the ESLC? Click here to learn more.

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