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Foodie Feature: Kafé Mamai

49 East Gallivan Ave, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

You may have seen Kafé Mamai at a local food truck event in the past. My first encounter with Kafe Mamai was at the University of Utah after visiting a class on campus. I have followed Chef Abu to several events and truck ralleys over the years and am ecstatic about his most recent accomplishment! There's a brand new brick and mortar restaurant on Gallivan Avenue, just south of Gallivan Plaza. This is a casual dining spot where you can sit down to enjoy big flavors and breezy ambiance or take your food to go.

My go-to is the Surf and Turf. This plate is bursting with flavor, mixing shrimp and chicken over rice and beans. This option includes charred asparagus and a generous helping of plantains. Every bite delivers a different combination of flavors! It's hard to oversell this meal. I don't know if I've had many things better!

The Jerk Chicken Sandwich is a staple! This dish features a pita is loaded with tender chicken and a beautiful blend of spices. It delivers some heat but you can cool off with the mixed potato fries and the signature cucumber mayo curry dipping sauce. This is a great option to save some room if you're eyeing some of the other side dishes offered! It's hard to pick between plantains or samosas, so I recommend getting some of everything to share!

There's also a wide selection of drink options, including a variety of juices or spiced chai! Whether you're heading to the new restaurant or looking for a food truck, give this place a try and I'm sure you'll add it to your regular rotation. You'll look like an official foodie if you suggest this for your next lunch or dinner plans downtown!

It's hard to highlight this restaurant without shining a light on Chef Abu. Read more about his background, how he got involved in cooking, and the inspiration behind his work!

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