We Teach Workplace ESL Classes

Since 2004 we have offered on-site ESL classes throughout Salt Lake valley by providing qualified educators who have a significant experience in teaching English as a second language. Since 2007 we have served companies such as Walmart, Backcountry.com, and Deseret Industries. Below you can view a snipits of Workplace ESL classroom activity.

Employees at this workplace often did not understand customer inquiries about where to find items in the store. Employees would say, "I don't know" and walk away. This dialogue empowers the students to confidently communicate with customers.

Students at this workplace practice an active listening activity that teaches vocabulary for items that the students work with every day. Students learn how to get in the habit of repeating instructions to ensure comprehension and waiting for confirmation before completing the task. Students also have the opportunity to practice giving directions to co-workers in English.

When ESLC staff were conducting job shadowing at this workplace, a supervisor told the staff that when he asked his English Language Learner coworkers to bring him a tool, they would either bring him a broom or walk away and not come back at all. This activity was developed in response to this workplace's need, using actual tools that the students used on a regular basis.

Supervisors at this manufacturing company told ESLC staff that many of their English Language Learner employees were afraid to make calls to request materials over the radio. They asked their supervisors or co-workers to do it for them. This dialogue was developed with the input of supervisors and students and was practiced regularly in class. Students reported to their instructor when they had made a call over the radio in English.

English Language Learner employees at this workplace often asked family members to make phone calls in English for them. Students in this class practiced dialogues to call in sick or late to work and to request time off in advance.

Raising $50,0000 for capacity building. For more information please contact Cathy Barnhart at 801.328.5608 X 202.
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