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Job readiness

Job Readiness classes focus on developing both the skills and the English language proficiency to acquire, maintain, and improve employment. Learners in this program learn how to search for a job, fill out a resume, participate in interviews, and engage with coworkers and supervisors. 


Beginning or Intermediate adult English learners that can read or write in any language.


Online classes can be joined by computer or tablet with a video and microphone.

How Much

Classes are free for learners.


English to help find and progress in a job.


Online classes are twice a week in the evenings.

How to Enroll

Click the button below

or call us at 801-328-5608.

Carol - Job Readiness Program Learner

"I feel more sure in my work when I talk with my co-workers, and my boss and I can have a better communication. I lost the shame and fear of expressing myself in English."

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